Grace is a global independent film and television development and production outfit led by filmmaker and multi-hyphenate Josh Wakely. Grace’s output is distinguished by innovation and imaginative creative and business partnerships, combined to cultivate transformative storytelling. 

Based in Australia and the US, Grace is committed to producing intelligent, elevated, talent driven film and television projects for a worldwide audience.  

Grace has a subsidiary music label, Melodia, created as a joint venture with Universal Music Group’s Republic Records. 


Grace: a storytelling company is a leading film, television and creative technologies enterprise led by Emmy-winning writer, director and entrepreneur Josh Wakely. The company, based in Sydney and Los Angeles, produces a broad range of projects for worldwide audiences and has gained notoriety for its success converting music catalogs into successful film and television enterprises.

Through Wakely, Grace has secured rights to Universal Music Group’s extensive recorded master and publishing catalogues in addition to three of the world’s most revered music publishing catalogues – Northern Songs (The Beatles), Jobete and Stone Diamond (Motown) and Bob Dylan’s entire songbook. Grace has produced and will continue to create TV, film, and live, immersive entertainment based on the songs, stories and characters found within these catalogues.

Among Grace’s most recently released projects are the Netflix animated shows “Motown Magic” and the Emmy-winning “Beat Bugs.”  Inspired by the iconic Motown hits housed in the Jobete and Stone Diamond catalogues, “Motown Magic” premiered on Netflix in November 2018. Each episode of the family-friendly series is based on themes and characters from iconic Motown hits and features newly recorded versions of these classics. Motown legend Smokey Robinson serves as executive music producer on the series.

“Beat Bugs,” inspired by the music of The Beatles, premiered its third season on Netflix in November 2018. The series is available worldwide via Netflix, in addition to the Seven Network and Nick Jr. in Australia. “Beat Bugs” has been honoured with a host of accolades, including one Daytime Emmy win, seven Daytime Emmy nominations, and an AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Award for “Best Children’s Television Series.”

Additionally, Grace is developing “Time Out Of Mind,” a live-action adult scripted series based on the songs and characters found in Bob Dylan’s compositions.

With broad access to UMG’s illustrious collection of catalogues, Grace is developing three television series all based on the music found within them: “27,” “Melody Island,” and “Mixtape.”

“27” is a live-action drama, featuring both linear and interactive storytelling, that explores the life circumstances behind a fictionalized variety of characters coming to a crossroads at the age of 27, based on the legendary musicians, artists and entertainers who died tragically at that pivotal age.  “Melody Island” is an animated series for children in which each episode will feature a story inspired by a classic UMG song with an uplifting message and tropical island feeling. “Mixtape” is a live-action episodic drama chronicling the pivotal ups and downs that define the relationships, love and heartbreak of the stories’ characters. Each episode is based on and connected to an iconic song on a mixtape that frames a 12-track/episode season.

Keeping in tune with groundbreaking storytelling inspired by more of the world’s most beloved music and celebrated icons, Grace has a wide range of other projects coming soon spanning TV, film, and live, immersive entertainment.